2019 HomeTechHacker Year In Review


A lot has happened at HomeTechHacker in 2019. My smarthome has evolved quite a bit over this year. I’ve written about lots of different topics that have hopefully helped you. In this year in review, I’m going to recap the most popular articles, my favorite articles, and give a look at what’s to come in 2020.

Note: Here’s my 2020 Year in Review.

The 5 most popular articles of 2019

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For other popular articles from this year and previous years take a look at the right navigation menu on this page.

My 5 favorite articles of 2019

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The year in review final thoughts

In 2020, I will write fewer articles, but I hope they are of more depth and higher quality. I plan to focus on newer smarthome technologies (or at least new to me) as well as go more in-depth on some existing technologies like Docker, MQTT, and individually addressable LEDs. Also, who knows what new devices and technologies I’m not even thinking about now. Hopefully, I’ll get my hands on a few and share my experiences with you.

I’m always interested in what you would like me to write about. Contact me via email, Twitter, or in the comments and let me know what smarthome and home technology topics are most important to you.

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2019 HomeTechHacker Year In Review

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