5 Best Home Tech Upgrades That Will Help Sell Your Home


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The housing market is more competitive now than ever. If you have a house on the market, you have to put in the effort to stand a chance of selling it faster and at a good price. The standard advice is to do some repairs, give the interior and exterior a fresh coat of paint, make sure the fixtures work and trim the shrubbery.

However, the golden advice any successful and experienced realtor would give you today is to focus on technology installations. A tech upgrade would really make it stand out from the superficial improvements the competition makes.

While it is not guaranteed, upgrading the tech for your home can boost the perceived value of the property and make it more desirable and marketable. Here are five of the best home tech upgrades you should consider to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.

1. Smart Door Locks

If your home still has traditional key-opened locks, the first thing you should consider investing in is a smart door lock system. Smart locks improve the security of the house and eliminate all the problems that come with using keys. No one likes to walk around with keys or get locked out of their home because they misplaced or lost a key.

A smart lock will go a long way to make your home desirable to security-conscious and tech-savvy buyers, which is most buyers today. Modern smart locks pair with a smartphone app, making it easy to control access to the house. In addition, some smart locks connect to the cloud to allow the homeowner to add permanent users such as family members and one-time passcodes for service providers.

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HomeTechHacker has a smart lock recommendation in the smart home section of the HomeTechHacker Shop.

2. Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras sound more complicated and costlier than they really are. A camera is the best tech for your home if you are not ready to invest in full home automation or security systems. The competition in the tech market has brought the price of smart cameras down and made them easy to install and use.

With a smart home camera installed, a prospective homeowner will realize how convenient it would be to monitor the comings and goings of their home when they are away, package deliveries, and even keep an eye on the kids.

There are many types of cameras ideal for home use in the market. Some cameras merely record video and store it in a hard drive or memory card. The best smart cameras, however, connect to the cloud and stream images in real-time. Some even use AI to identify objects, track movements, and sound alarms based on set criteria.

Here are a few other ways technology can improve the safety and security of a home.

3. Smart Thermostats

Upgrading from the standard thermostat to a smart thermostat in your home will greatly impact the property’s perceived value. While the standard programmable thermostat merely turns the HVAC system on and off, a smart thermostat does much more. For example, it makes it easy to create sophisticated schedules for days of the week or seasons and grants you complete control over the HVAC system even when you are away.

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The best feature of a smart thermostat is that it learns the heating and cooling patterns of the home. A new homeowner would want to know that the installed system will go a long way to cutting the costs of heating and cooling the house. Considering how difficult traditional thermostats are to use, a smart thermostat will be a notable selling point when marketing your home.

You can find recommendations for a smart home thermostat in the HomeTechHacker Buyer’s Guide.

4. Smart Lighting

Every homeowner wishes to minimize the costs of running their home. It is no secret that energy-efficient homes sell better and faster in the current market. Investing in a smart lighting system is a simple way to make your home eco-friendly.

Smart lighting systems are inexpensive but will significantly impact the value of your home. This technology uses sensors and lighting dimmers to turn lights on and off or set room ambiance based on use. They also turn outdoor lighting on at night and off during the day and may connect to a smartphone app to help you monitor power usage anywhere and at any time.

If you are considering upgrading tech for your home, lighting should probably be at the top of your list. Moreover, smart lighting systems are affordable and easy to install. Some smart lighting systems easily screw into existing lighting fixtures and replace sockets with smart plugs and traditional bulbs with LEDs.

You can find personalized recommendations for whatever type of smart home lighting you need by using the HomeTechHacker Technology Advisor.

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5. Smart Sprinklers

If your home has a garden or a yard, you probably know how much of a chore it is to care for it and how costly it can be to water it. With a smart sprinkler controller, you would no longer need to manually water the garden or worry that the sprinkler wastes too much water.

A smart sprinkler system is a necessary tech for your home to schedule watering, water according to the weather, and conveniently monitor the sprinkling system right on your smartphone. The ideal smart sprinkler controller makes your home eco-friendly, and every prospective buyer would choose a home they consider resource-efficient over another that is not.

You can learn more about how HomeTechHacker made his sprinklers smart here.


As smart home technologies become more accessible and affordable, home buyers are more focusing on technology-upgraded homes now than ever. Simple, smart upgrades to your home will make it more eco-friendly, resource-efficient, and more attractive to potential buyers. Visit dwellsy.com to discover what upgrades you can make on the tech in your home to make it sell faster and at a good price.

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5 Best Home Tech Upgrades That Will Help Sell Your Home

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