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Home Assistant has a great community contributing to the code, helping users in the forums, and showing example configurations on GitHub. I have been documenting my Home Assistant customizations as I go. But sometimes you just want to see how someone did something. Unless one of your neighbors or friends is really into Home Assistant, YouTube is your best way to see how other people make things happen. Here are four Home Assistant YouTube channels with great information and tutorials.

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His channel is not specific to Home Assistant but he has a few videos on setting up Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, using MQTT, SonOff, Voice Control and more.  His non-Home Assistant videos are probably of interest to the Home Assistant crowd and look very interesting! The production value of his videos is excellent! Below is his video for install Home Assistant on the Raspberry Pi:



His channel has great resources for those beginning with Home Assistant, along with an accompanying blog. He has videos with:

  1. Step by step walkthroughs for installation
  2. Setting up remote access and configuration
  3. The basic configuration of Home Assistant
  4. Securing your Home Assistant instance over for WAN access. The video for this is here:


Dr. Zzs

He has quite a few home automation videos featuring Home Assistant. This a good place to learn how to implement inexpensive Sonoff based solutions like light switches and garage door openers. He also teaches about using MQTT. After watching some of his videos you’ll feel like you could be an electrical engineer. Here a cool video about putting together electrical components with Home Assistant to make a DIY smart garage door opener.

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HASSCASTS is a newer and growing channel with Home Assistant tutorials but also serves the larger home automation community. Here is a good video that I could have used before jumping right into the code. I didn’t even consider using the GUI for automation. John goes through when you should and shouldn’t use the GUI and gives some advice on choosing an editor or integrated development environment (IDE).

BRUH Automation

Many will say that I’ve saved the best for last. If you are new to Home Assistant, this is the channel I recommend you start with. He gives step by step tutorials on how to install and configure Home Assistant, starting from scratch (you can read how I did this here). You can literally go from knowing nothing to having a fully functional setup by just going along with his videos. His channel isn’t just for beginners, however. There are plenty of advanced topics such as DIY multi-sensors, IFTTT, and MQTT. After you’ve got Home Assistant installed this is a great video to watch for how to get started customizing:


Final Thoughts

So there you have it. If you spend time watching these YouTube channels you’ll be prepared for a multitude of Home Assistant projects and you’ll have the inspiration to do many things around your smarthome!

What channels do you watch to learn about Home Assistant? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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  1. Great List you compiled! Bruh is definitely the godfather of HA videos.. 🙂 You should also check out Rob’s Hook-Up channel ( and you can consider mine.

    Mine is still very new but I’m building it off my existing Repo/Smart home that is pretty robust.

    Glad I found your blog! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

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Best YouTube Home Assistant Channels

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