Is the EEEKit Wireless Gaming Controller a Good Switch Pro Controller Alternative?

EEEKit Wireless Gaming Controller

Are you looking for a less expensive alternative to the official Switch Nintendo Pro Controller? We bought the EEEKit Wireless Gaming controller on Amazon. My dad was able to hack this controller to work with our Nintendo Switch. Pairing it with the Switch is pretty easy. The instructions are:

  1. Go to controller grip order screen on the Switch.
  2. Press Home button and Y button at same time until LEDs around home button light up and then release buttons.
  3. Wait a few seconds. When the LEDs freeze on one light it is paired.
EEEKit and Pro Controller
EEEKit on the left, Official Pro controller on the right

Pros 🙂

  1. It’s wireless.
  2. The price is less than half of the Nintendo pro controller.
  3. It’s very light and the buttons respond well. The buttons do not stick like on some other controllers.
  4. This controller has a good grip. For all those people whose hands sweat while they are playing this is for you!
  5. It has a 5-hour battery life.

Cons 🙁

  1. The controller does not have NFC. If you are playing games like Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda you can’t use amiibos.
  2. It’s not guaranteed to always work because Nintendo can always update the console firmware, disabling this controller. This happened to us once. My dad found updated firmware for the controller which made it work again.
  3. It uses a micro USB charger. The official pro controller uses USB-C.
  4. if your hands are too small it may not work for you because your hands won’t be able to reach the buttons on the back. The back buttons are easier to reach on the official pro controller.

Bottom Line:

I think this controller has its flaws but overall it is worth the money. It is the best official pro controller alternative.

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Do any of you have this controller? Do you use other alternatives to the Switch Pro Controller? Let me know in the comments!

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Is the EEEKit Wireless Gaming Controller a Good Switch Pro Controller Alternative?

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