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Shopping for a technology gift for yourself or someone else can be a very difficult task. There are lots of options out there. Does it work with the tech they already have? Is it better than other options? Does it even do what you think it does? You might feel like you need a computer science degree to decipher what the right gift is. Luckily, I’ve developed and compiled some great resources for you to shop for technology gifts.

HomeTechHacker technology gift resources

Over the years I’ve developed tools and written articles about technology gifts. Sure, you can search my site and find them. However, for your convenience, I’ve compiled the key resources right here.

HomeTechHacker Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for my recommendations for common technology purchases (smart speakers, smart plugs, smart bulbs, wireless access points, switches, etc.) this is the place to go. This has all my recommendations, their current prices, and why I recommend them all wrapped up in one little spot.

HomeTechHacker Shop

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Over the past few years, I’ve reviewed and used many smart home, computer hardware, home networking, and other home technology products and services. The HomeTechHacker Shop provides you with an easy way to see the items I use and recommend. If you’re interested in a product, you can easily go to Amazon and other stores to purchase the product or learn more about it. 

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HomeTechHacker Technology Advisor

Looking for more specific and personalized technology recommendations? The HomeTechHacker Technology Advisor asks you a few questions and then recommends technology items based on your answers. Only want items that work with HomeKit? Do you need a smart switch that does dimming and/or a three-way switch? These are the kinds of personalized recommendations you can get from the HomeTechHacker Technology Advisor.

HomeTechHacker technology gift articles

Tech Christmas Gifts

Below is a list of articles that may help provide inspiration for technology gifts:

Other technology gift resources

I know I don’t have all the best resources on my site! Here are some good ones to use when you’re shopping for technology gifts:

  • CNET Smart Home – There are tons of reviews and gift guides for the smart home lover in your life
  • Home: On podcast on affordable technology gifting — Richard Gunther and I discuss great ideas for affordable smart home gifts, as well as what you should consider when buying a technology gift for someone else
  • The Wirecutter – They have tons of up to date information on smart home technology

Final thoughts

Giving gifts can be hard. Giving technology gifts can seem downright impossible. I’ve given you some resources to make this task easier. Now, you can pick a great gift for that special someone, or yourself!

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Home Technology Gift Shopping Resources

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