Is NBA Live Mobile 2018 Worth Playing?

Are you looking for an inexpensive alternative to NBA 2K18?

This review is on NBA Live 18 mobile which I downloaded on my device. It is a free game by EA that is available for both ios and Android.

NBA Live Mobile 18 Cover


I need to cover a few subjects. First, there are live events you play to get game card packs, set tokens, and money. Game card packs hold players. Set tokens are for putting in sets to earn players or more tokens  Next, there is a showdown mode you use to play against other people. Also, there is a season mode. I am guessing you know what that is but if you do not it is where you play against the computer in a certain amount of games. After that, there are leagues you join and play against other leagues for rewards. Finally, there are auctions where you bid for players.


The controls are pretty simple. First, the offense. You have a joystick on the left which you use to dribble around the court. There is a sprint button on the right which you hold to sprint. Also, there is a pass button, unfortunately, you don’t pick who you pass to. Finally, there is a shoot button you use to shoot and you need to watch the meter to make a good shot. Hold sprint and swipe up to dunk.

Now the defense. On the left again is the joystick you use to move. On the right is a button that auto guards. Above the auto guard button is the block button. You can see all the defensive buttons in the image below:

NBA Live Game Controls
NBA Live Mobile Game Controls

Player Levels and Currency

There are five different levels of players, not counting the ones from sets. There is bronze, which has a rating of 60 or lower, and there is silver, which has a rating of 61 to 70. Also, there is gold, which has a rating of 71 to 80. Next, there is epic (red), which is 81 to 90. Finally, there is legendary (metallic blue), which is 91 and up. There are also coaches and if their coaching style matches your player’s playing style then it boosts your player’s performance.

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Like most games, there is a currency used to buy game card packs. A good way to get any of the currencies is by completing live events. I am going to list the currencies in order of rarity. The least rare of them are plain coins. You use these to buy the normal packs that have up to gold players in them. There are reps type coins which can buy gold players and up. Finally, there is NBA cash which can buy epic cards and up including the special cards from sets.

Other Tidbits

There are a few things that are random that I will list here. First, your team has an overall rating that will help you qualify for some events. Next, you get to pick your team and your profile name. Then, you can level up to get rewards. Also, you have a stamina meter and, if it runs out, you need to wait for it to reload or pay NBA cash. Finally, there are two flaws I found. One is is that if you run into someone you stop in your tracks and can only go back. Another is the players don’t look like themselves. At least their hair doesn’t!

Final Verdict

All in all this game is a good free alternative to NBA 2K18. It is worth spending time playing and I give this game a 4.5 out 5-star rating.

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Is NBA Live Mobile 2018 Worth Playing?

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