Matter Devices You Can Buy Right Now

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After much fanfare, Matter is finally here! Matter is a new common language for smart home products designed to eliminate compatibility issues and simplify smart device setup. But do you have the Matter devices to take advantage of it? Luckily there are already Matter (and Thread) capable devices ready to be purchased, and many more coming this year. In this article, I’ll list the items that have been announced and give you links to where you can buy them!

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Editor’s Note: In short, Matter and Thread are new technologies aimed at making smart homes more accessible, faster, and more reliable for everyone. To learn more about both of these technologies, be sure to read my earlier Matter/Thread explanation article.

Editor’s Note 2: I’ll keep this article updated periodically. The last update was on 4/20/2023.

This article will list devices that currently have Matter and Thread capabilities, as well as ones that have been announced will be getting it. I’ll also include brand-new devices that have been announced.

One thing you see a lot below is the phrase “OTA update.” OTA stands for “over the air” meaning these devices will get an update from the manufacturer over the Internet.

When shopping for Matter compatibility, look for the Matter symbol:

matter logo

Be sure to also read my article about my early experiences with Matter controllers and devices.

Matter controllers

Matter controllers onboard your devices to your home network and allow you to control them. Some of them come with Thread, which is a mesh-networking protocol for low-bandwidth and battery-powered Matter devices. Again, you can learn more in my Matter overview article.

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Matter controllers with Thread border routers (including Wi-Fi routers)



Samsung SmartThings:


Other platforms:

Matter controllers without Thread



Samsung SmartThings:


Other platforms:

Smart Home apps with Matter

You’ll need to use the Matter controller’s app (smartphone, tablet) to onboard Matter devices into the ecosystem. The apps connect the Matter devices to the Matter controller.

Note that Matter is built into the latest versions of Android and iOS, making all of this possible.

  • Google Home
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Amazon Alexa (Android only, iOs coming Spring 2023)
  • Apple Home (iOS 16.1 and newer)
  • Eve (iOs only, Android coming Spring 2023)
  • TP-Link Tapo (coming 2023)
  • Tuya Smart Life (coming 2023)
  • Aqara (coming 2023)
  • Wiser (coming 2023)

Matter bridges

Smart home devices that use a bridge (like Philips Hue devices and Lutron) can be connected to Matter via that bridge so that those devices can be controlled by a Matter controller.

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Not all Matter controllers support bridges yet, but support is coming soon. Also, not all devices that connect to a Matter bridge will receive Matter support. You’ll have to check for your individual device’s support.

Smart plugs

Smart switches

Smart lights

  • TP-Link Kasa and Tapo smart bulbs (2023)
  • Twinkly’s smart lighting line (OTA update in 2023, Matter support coming to new products)
  • Yeelight Pro smart lighting series (OTA update coming spring 2023)
  • Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp (2023)
  • Nanoleaf Elements (also a Thread border router) (OTA update coming 2023)
  • Nanoleaf Lines (also a Thread border router) (OTA update coming 2023)
  • Nanoleaf Shapes (also a Thread border router) (OTA update coming 2023)
  • Nanoleaf Canvas (also a Thread border router) (OTA update coming 2023)
  • Nanoleaf Matter Essentials A19 light bulb (coming 2023 / Thread enabled)
  • Nanoleaf Matter Essentials GU10 light bulb (coming 2023 / Thread enabled )
  • Nanoleaf Matter Essentials Light Strip (coming 2023 / Thread enabled)
  • Nanoleaf Skylight panels (also a Thread border router / coming in 2023)
  • All Wiz lighting products manufactured since Q2 2021 (OTA update coming 2023)
  • Aqara T1 LED light strip (2023)
  • Cync A19 smart bulb (2023)
  • Eve Flare lamp (Thread, 2023)
  • Govee LED Strip Light M1 (2023)
  • Schneider Electric smart plug
  • Sengled Wi-Fi A19 bulb (Q1)
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Smart sensors

  • Eve Motion
  • Eve Door & Window
  • Eve Weather (OTA update coming 2023 / Thread enabled)
  • Eve Water Guard (OTA update coming 2023 / Thread enabled)
  • Eve Room (OTA update coming 2023 / Thread enabled)
  • Netatmo Smart Security Sensor (2023 / Thread enabled)
  • TP-Link motion sensor (2023)
  • Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 (2023 / Thread enabled)
  • Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2 (2023 / Thread enabled)

Smart thermostats/HVAC

Smart shades and blinds

Smart appliances

These brands have announced it’s coming, but have not given a timeline or specific models.

  • Whirlpool appliances
  • LG smart TVs (webOS 22 and 23)
  • TCL TVs
  • Toshiba TVs and appliances
  • Hisense TVs and appliances
  • Universal Electronics, QuickSet smart TV platform

Smart door locks

Other Matter devices

Final thoughts

Do you have any matter devices? See some that should be on the list? I’d like to update this list frequently so let me know in the comments or get in contact with me on Twitter.

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Matter Devices You Can Buy Right Now

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