Shelly Vintage and Duo Smart Bulb Review

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If you’ve been following this blog you know I’m a big fan of Shelly products. I have many Shelly 1 relays, which I use to make my fireplace, garage doors, light switches, and dimmers smart. I have Shelly smart plugs, which I use to control and monitor the power usage of lamps. Additionally, I have a Shelly flood sensor and a Shelly LED controller. Now I am going to review the Shelly smart bulbs: The Shelly Vintage and Shelly Duo.

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Shelly Vintage and Shelly Duo specs

The Shelly Vintage actually comes in 3 sizes: A19, ST21, and G40. As the name suggests, it has a vintage filament look but is actually powered by LED.

Rated Power:7W (A19 and ST21), 4W (G40)
Color Temp:2700K (warm white)
Lumens:750 (A19 and ST21), 260 (G40)
Glass Coating:Clear (A19 and ST21), Amber (G40)
Life Time:15,000 hours
WiFi:802.11bgn (2.4Ghz)
Specs for Shelly Vintage Bulbs

The main differences between the bulbs are that the A19 and ST21 are brighter and have a clear glass enclosure while the larger G40 is dimmer with amber coated glass enclosure. They all get pretty bright for desk lamps.

Now for the Shelly Duo specs:

Rated Power:9W
Color Temp:2700K-6500K
Glass Coating:Clear (A19 and ST21), Amber (G40)
Life Time:30,000 hours
WiFi:802.11bgn (2.4Ghz)
Specs for Shelly Duo bulb

Shelly Vintage Bulb and Shelly Duo Set Up

Shelly device set up is the same across all their devices. You plug them in and then connect to the access point broadcast by the device (starts with shellyxxxx). After that, you can use the app to configure the device. Instead of the app, I use the device’s internal webserver ( to configure the device. The only thing that really changes across their devices is the controls. Obviously, a smart plug or relay will have a different set of controls than a smart bulb. In the case of the bulbs, you can turn the bulbs on and off and change the brightness. The Duo can additionally change its color temp between 2700K and 6500K.

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Shelly Vintage Web Controls
Shelly Vintage Web Controls and Interface

Like other Shelly devices, they have actions that can be triggered by certain events (like turning the bulb on or off). This allows these devices to act as mini smart home hubs. You also get the usual assortment of timers and schedules.

I don’t use any of these, as I integrate the Shelly’s into Home Assistant. The Shelly integration automatically recognizes the bulbs and gives me full control of them in Home Assistant. You can also integrate these directly with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control.

Shelly Vintage and Duo bulb use

There’s not much to say about using a smart bulb. You can turn them on, you can turn them off, and you can brighten them. What I can say is that the Duo gets really bright and puts out a good amount of light. The Vintage bulbs look awesome and add ambiance to a room. I bought two rustic-looking lamps to pair with my Shelly Vintage bulbs as you can see in the pictures below:

If you are looking for these lamp bases, you can find the taller Industrial Table Lamp Base and the shorter vintage table lamp on Amazon. I’m very fond of the larger amber-tinted G40 Shelly. It is definitely my favorite.

Final Thoughts

These bulbs are great and are relatively inexpensive. The vintage bulbs add flair to a room, and the Duo is a solid reliable performer. These bulbs have the Shelly advantage of open standards, working locally (without the cloud), and direct integration with Home Assistant. I just need them to make a full-color bulb again so I can buy it!

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Shelly Vintage and Duo Smart Bulb Review

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