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These are Z-Wave smart home products I use and recommend. Z-wave is a great way to add smarts to your home while keeping control secure, local, and not relying on Wi-Fi. Examples include sensors, smart plugs, smart switches, smart locks, and much more.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item using an affiliate link I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Affiliates do not influence my recommendations. Read my disclosures for more information.

This is my go-to Z-Wave smart switch. It goes inside the wall, so you don’t need to change the look of the switch and it does power monitoring. There’s also a dimming version.

This is a reliable Z-Wave rocker light switch that I use in my office. There is also a dimming version.

I have plenty of Aeotec smart plugs around my house as well. They’ve been reliable for years.

These Z-Wave multi-sensors are great for tracking motion, temperature, and light.

This is a multi-sensor that also senses vibrations. I use this to determine whether or not my generator is running.

I use a similar Z-wave flood sensor to detect water leaks in my basement. This one also detects temperature

This is the backbone of my Zigbee and Z-wave network. This nice little stick supports both protocols!

I use a version of this whole home energy monitor to track my electricity usage and costs in my home. It’s helped me save money.

This deadbolt has helped secure my home for years. Totally reliable, and allows me to automatically lock my doors for safety.

I have a version of this security system in my home. It acts as a secondary Z-wave controller, allowing the alarm to directly control devices like lights and locks.

I use this Z-Wave tilt sensor to determine whether or not my garage doors are open for my DIY smart garage door opener.

I use this outdoor Z-Wave plug to control some Christmas lights where the cords are exposed to the elements.

This is a solid Z-Wave Plus siren that has some useful configuration options. Here’s my review of the Neo Siren Alarm.

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