SwitchBot Remote, Thermometer, and Bot Reviews

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SwitchBot is a company that has been putting out impressive, inexpensive, and easy-to-use smart home products. I recently installed the Blind Tilt and integrated it with the SwitchBot hub, and I am pretty happy with those products. I’ve since had the chance to try out a few of their other products. Here are my quick thoughts on the SwitchBot Remote, Thermometer, and Bot.

Editor’s Note: SwitchBot provided me with these products free of charge. However, this in no way affects my review. These are my honest opinions.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item using an affiliate link I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Affiliates do not influence my recommendations. Read my disclosures for more information.

SwitchBot Remote

The SwitchBot Remote is a Bluetooth 5.0 enabled button. Well, it is two buttons to be exact. You can use it to control other SwitchBot devices like the SwitchBot Curtain, bulbs, smart plug, and more. You can also trigger scenes that you set up in the SwitchBot app if you have the SwitchBot Hub Mini or the Matter-enabled SwitchBot Hub 2.0.

For example, I set one up to control the opening and closing of a SwitchBot Blind Tilt (here’s my review). I plan to control multiple blinds with the SwitchBot Blind Tilt and then use scenes to open and close them all. I can trigger these scenes with the SwitchBot Remote.

SwitchBot Remote One Touch Button – Compatible with SwitchBot Bot, Curtain Robot, Color Bulb, Plug Mini and Blind Tilt, Smart Home Easy to Control, Bluetooth Long Range 5.0
  • Control with Just 1 Click – There’s no need to use your smartphone, just press your remote to control any SwitchBot device.
  • Compatible with SwitchBot Devices – SwitchBot remote is compatible with multiple SwitchBot devices, such as SwitchBot Curtain, Bot, Blind Tilt, Color Bulb, and LED Strip Light.

Editor’s Note: You can purchase any of the SwitchBot devices in this article from Amazon or directly from SwitchBot. If you purchase directly from SwitchBot, use the code 10UPAH6B6ZMVFK for a 10% discount.

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SwitchBot Remote specs

Dimensions37.1 x 43.1 x 13.4mm (1.5 × 1.7 × 0.5 in.)
Weight18 grams
Mobile AppAndroid 4.3+, iOS 10.0+
Bluetooth>= 5.0 (Long Range)

Setup and configuration

The setup of the SwitchBot Remote is a snap. First, get the app and create an account if you haven’t already. Then remove the plastic battery protector to activate the device and then open up the SwitchBot App and click on the plus sign on the upper right to add a device. Note, I heard a beep when I removed the battery protector. You should get a screen like below when it is detected:

Switchbot app detecting the SwitchBot Remote

Then just click on “Remote” and follow the instructions. As you can see below, it will tell you to pair the SwitchBot Remote by holding down both buttons for two seconds.

Switchbot Remote pairing in the app

Then you’re pretty much done. Through the app, you can set the actions of each button individually. As I mentioned earlier, I set mine to open and close the Blind Tilt.

Overall impressions

The device seems to work reliably, so long as it is in Bluetooth range of the device it is controlling or a SwitchBot Hub. It is small, too, as you can tell by its comparison to a quarter below:

Switchbot remote compared to a quarter
SwitchBot Remote (with plastic on) compared to a quarter

Overall, I’m happy with it. I just wish it worked with standard SwitchBot Home Assistant integration so I could use it to control anything in my smart home via Home Assistant. Maybe it will be supported soon.

SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer Plus

The SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer, also known as the SwitchBot Meter Plus, measures and displays the temperature and humidity. You can also set up automation triggers based on those readings (again, you’ll need a SwitchBot hub for this functionality). For instance, you could close your SwitchBot Blind Tilt or SwitchBot Curtain if the temp gets too hot.

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You can also use Google Assistant, or Alexa to get sensor readings, again, provided you have a SwitchBot hub.

SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer, Bluetooth Indoor Humidity Meter for Home, Temperature Sensor with App Control, Large LCD Display, Notification Alerts, 2-Year Data Storage Export
  • More Accurate Readings – Our indoor thermometer includes a built-in Swiss-made sensor that gives you more accurate temperature and humidity readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It changes in humidity and temperature are reported 10x per second, maintaining ±0.2°C/±0.4°F accuracy in temperature -20°C~80°C (-4°F~176°F) and ±2%RH accuracy in humidity 0~99%RH.
  • Includes an Even Bigger Screen – You can now see your data even clearer with a 3-inch bold display, making it easier to use your humidity meter to read temperature data at all times. You can also check to see if your room conditions meet your custom set parameters using vivid icons on our screen.

SwitchBot Meter Plus specs

Dimensions79 x 65 x 22 mm (3.1 x 2.5 x 0.9 in)
Weight64g (2.3oz)
ConnectivityBluetooth low energy 4.2 or above (range ~120m)
Temperature range-20°C to 80°C(-4°F to 176°F)
Batteries2 AAA batteries (1 year life)

Setup and configuration

Setup and configuration are just as easy as the remote, maybe even easier. Again, remove the plastic battery protector and add it to the app. Within the app, you can change the temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit. To change it on the display, you have to press the button on the back of the unit.

SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer in action

Overall impressions

The meter works great. I did need to calibrate it a bit as the temperature reading was a little high, but you can do that in the app. I appreciate the kickstand it has so I can place it on any flat surface.

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The app keeps track of historical sensor values, allowing you to track them over time. Overall, well done!

Editor’s note: I also published a review of the SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Hygrometer that you might want to check out.

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The SwitchBot Bot

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable swapping out your light switch for a smart home. In that case, if you have a pushbutton switch, you can use the SwitchBot Bot to just… press it. Like you would with your finger.

SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher – Bluetooth Fingerbot for Rocker Switch/One-Way Button, Automatic Light Switch, Timer and APP Control, Works with Alexa When Paired with SwitchBot Hub (White)
  • Universal – The SwitchBot Bot works well with just about any rocker switches and one-way buttons. Enhance the intelligence of your coffee machines, air conditioners, and even garage doors with this Bluetooth fingerbot. (Not support overly hard or aged buttons. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us about any product compatibility issues at any time.)
  • Easy to install and set up – Tape it right next to a rocker switch or button with the Add-on 3M sticker in 5 seconds. No tools are required. Easy App operation within Bluetooth range. Used twice a day, the battery lasts approximately 600 days.

SwitchBot Bot specs

Dimensions43×37×24 mm(1.7 × 1.5 × 0.9 in.)
Weight42g (1.5 oz.)
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+, iOS 11.0+, watchOS 4.0+
BLE4.2 or higher
BatteriesCR2 x 1 3V

Setup and configuration

Setup and configuration are straightforward. Remove the plastic protector from the battery and then just add it to the app. In the app, you can control whether activating the Bot makes it press and unpress it in one activation or holds the button down and then releases it in separate motions.

If you have a SwitchBot hub you can connect it to the cloud for Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa control. Here is a video of the SwitchBot Bot in action:

Overall impressions

It’s simple. It does what it is supposed to do, and it is a convenient solution for those who don’t want to fuss with the internals of wiring for light switches.

Final thoughts

SwitchBot is developing a plethora of products. If they are as solid as the aforementioned products and the Blind Tilt, Outdoor Spotlight Camera, and the SwitchBot K10+ robot vacuum, then I’m looking forward to them. I think they are simple solutions that many smart home builders can easily take advantage of.

Do you own any SwitchBot products? If so let me know what you think of them on Twitter or in the comments.

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SwitchBot Remote, Thermometer, and Bot Reviews

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