Zombs Royale: Best Mobile Battle Royale Game?

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Hi. I ABSORB from YouTube here. Zombs Royale is a 2D battle royale game that’s based on PubG and Fortnite. It can be played on mobile and PC platforms. It is a wonderful game to play for fun or competitively. I personally play it competitively and compete in scrims and tournaments. I started out playing it as a time burner and it was delightful. Once I discovered all the cool modes to play in, I started playing a lot more often.

What you need to play

First, you need to get the game. It can be played on Android or iOS. You can also play this game via a web browser or Windows app. If you have discord there is an app version for Mac OS and Linux. You’ll need to set up an account if you want to play with other people multiple times. You can use my Zombs Royale referral link (for mobile) if you want to support me.

If you’re going to game on windows I recommend at least the following specs:

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 @ 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce GT 240

These specs apply to other operating systems as well just not the Windows 7 part.

Also, if you have a laptop, you will want to buy a mouse (I recommend the Logitech M535 Bluetooth mouse) because the game can be difficult to play using a touchpad. This game works fine on Chromebooks, like my dad’s HP Chromebook x360.

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Third, the sound is very important in this game. Unless you can blast your speakers, you should get a quality headset. I recommend the iJOY ISO because it provides good sound at an affordable price. It is fine to not have sound but then you can’t hear players coming or hear the sound effects that alert you to what is happening where you cant see.

Zombs Royale gameplay

Zombs Royale gameplay follows a typical battle royale format. You need to be the last survivor to win Zombs Royale. Usually, you are competing against 60-110 people per match.

In Zombs Royale you start out with 100 health points (HP) and your melee (weapon) which is only for close range. The plane flies across the map and when you jump you glide down to the surface. You have five space inventory slots that you can fill with guns, heals, and grenades. There are six weapon rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic! That is the order in rarity. The rarer the weapon the faster the bullets shoot and the more damage they do.


There are many types of weapons. Let’s start with grenades. Grenades do 90 damage. Cactus grenades shoot spikes that do 10 damage. Gas grenades make an area of green gas that does five damage per second. Impulse grenades bounce you through walls. Reverse impulses suck you into the middle of where they are thrown.

Here is information about the different types of guns:

  • Shotguns spray bullets and can do up to 200 damage depending on the rarity
  • AR guns include the AR 15 and M4. These guns shoot bullets in a relatively straight line at a fast rate
  • Sub Machine Guns (SMGs) are close-range weapons that shoot very fast but not very accurately
  • There is a goo gun that does two damage per second
  • The ball gun bounces bullets that do eight damage until they hit something breakable

Then there are special sniper guns. They increase how much of the map you can see (scope). Sniper guns include:

  • AWP (Magnum Sniper Rifle) has the biggest scope and does 80 damage
  • Bolt action medium scope does up to 70 damage depending on rarity
  • Crossbow shoots an arrow. It has the same scope as AWP but it is very slow at reloading and the arrow is slow
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Here is all the guns as of June 2020.

Zombs Royale Weapons
Order of guns from best to worst (best at the top) IMHO


The medical items include hybrid potions that give you 25 shield points and 25 HP slowly in tics of 2. Small shield potions give you 25 shield points and come in pairs of two but can only be taken up to fifty shield points. Big shield gives you 50 shield points. Med Kits give you up to full HP. Bandage packs can get you up to 75 HP and come in an eight pack. The max amount of health you can have is 100 HP and 100 shield points.


There are gold chests that have great loot and multiple guns and/or grenades and/or medical supplies. Crates have decent loot but only one item. Also, airdrops have a mythic gun, grenades, and medical supplies.


As the amount of people reduces the circle/Gas closes in. If you are in the gas it will take damage every second. The first time it closes it takes 2 HP. The second time it takes 4 HP. Then 6 HP and in the final circle(s) it takes 10 HP!

In all, the gameplay of this 2D game is very well rounded. 

Zombs Royale Gameplay

Zombs Royale game modes

There are a lot of fun game modes to play in! There are solo, squads, duos, weapons race, mystery mode, superpower, VIP, and more!

Weapons Race

In the weapons race, you start with a pistol, and every 2 kills you get a better gun. Also, you get to respawn.

Mystery Mode

In mystery mode, you go in a game and you can only get RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), snipers, or shotguns.


My favorite mode is the superpower mode. There are upgrade crystals that add to your character’s superpower ability. There are four different crystals that add to your character’s superpower:

  • Power makes more weapon damage
  • Speed makes you faster
  • Defense gives you more health
  • Bullet speed makes your bullets faster
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Finally, there is a VIP squad mode where one teammate starts with 400 health. They can’t use heals, and, if they die, your whole team dies.

Those are some of the fun game modes in Zombs Royale.

Zombs Royale rewards & cosmetics

That was the gameplay, let’s talk about rewards, cosmetics, leveling up, and battle passes.

Rewards and cosmetics

In Zombs Royale you start out with a default skin and a few other items. There are emotes which are emojis themed for the season theme. There are sprays that you can drop on the ground. And then there are backpacks, skins, gliders, and melees. The gliders are what shows above you when you jump from the plane. Also, melees are different swords, fists, and other things.

Leveling up

There are a few ways to level up and earn tiers in the Battle Pass. You can complete challenges such as getting 2 SMG kills. That earns you half a tier. And, you can earn Experience Points (XP). You get this by getting kills and doing damage to other players.

Battle passes

There is a free Battle Pass which includes some skins, backpacks, melees, emotes, sprays, and gliders. You can purchase a Battle Pass that includes 100 tiers for eight dollars. It has cool evolution skins that gain details as you level up and get XP. There are evolution gliders that do the same. Also, there are many cool skins emotes, gliders, and melees.

Zombs Royale Skins Description
Zombs Royale Skins

Final thoughts

My opinion: I love this game and I play it a lot. I would give it a ⅘ stars because it has amazing content. I love the skins and they are designed very well. This game could become much bigger with work. In all, I love this game and would like to see it expanded.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Zombs Royale. Check out this montage of cool things you can do, subscribe to the YouTube channel (me), and then go play the game (referral link)!

Zombs Royale montage of cool things you can do
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Zombs Royale: Best Mobile Battle Royale Game?

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