Books by HomeTechHacker

Blogs are great, but sometimes you want information in a more comprehensive format. Sometimes you want checklists and graphics. Sometimes you want to hold a book in your hand or print it out. I have a couple of books you might be interested in. Check them out!

The Home Network Manual Book Covers

Everything you need to know about perfecting your home network in one simple guide. Learn more.

The Smart Home Manual

Everything you need to know to design and implement the smart home you’ve always wanted. For anyone interested in smart home features for their home. Learn more, or read for free with Audible (free trial).

Home Wi-Fi Tuneup Tablet

All the tools you need to make your home WiFi fast, stable, and secure are included in this concise and practical ebook. Learn more.

You can read both books for free if you get the Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan (30-day free trial).

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