Create Your Smart Home In 5 Days


One of the hottest trends in home improvement is turning your home into a smart home. Smart homes improve your home’s safety, security, and entertainment. For many people, creating a smart home seems daunting. They don’t know where to start. If you aren’t sure how to get started building a smart home, you’re in the right place.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • What you can do with a smart home
  • The first smart home devices you should buy
  • What you need to do to make your smart home reliable
  • How smart devices can work together
  • Resources for taking your smart home to the next level

How the course works:

  1. Sign up for the course
  2. Confirm your sign up
  3. Each day for 5 days you’ll get a quick 5-minute lesson delivered to your inbox


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