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Marlon Buchanan is an IT Director by day and a writer and home technology hacker (the good kind) by night. He has over 25 years of combined experience as an IT director, software developer, systems analyst, college instructor, and smart home consultant. He has a bachelor’s in computer science and engineering from MIT and master’s degrees in business administration and software engineering from Seattle University.

He has been automating things around his house since he was a kid. Now, his wife and kids get to enjoy the fruits of his smart home exploits. He is best known for his smart home, home networking, and cord-cutting articles on his blog, and his book, The Smart Home Manual.

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Full Name: Marlon Buchanan
Email Contact:Contact Me

Preferred contact method: email or Twitter DM.

Published books

The Smart Home Manual

The Smart Home Manual

How to Automate Your Home to Keep Your Family Entertained, Comfortable, and Safe 

Home Wi-Fi Tuneup Tablet

Home Wi-Fi Tuneup

Practical Steps You Can Take to Speed Up, Stabilize, and Secure Your Home Wi-Fi

Q & A

  1. What started your interest in home technology and smart homes?

I’ve always been into technology, even as a young child. Although I didn’t own a computer growing up, I was fascinated by them. I was the type of kid that always read the manual to the VCR, the cable box, the watch, any piece of technology. I have always wanted to get the most out of technology.

  1. Why did you write The Smart Home Manual?

I’m genuinely excited about smart homes. I have a passion for smart home projects around my house and for helping people with home technology. I wrote this book to help others build their own smart home. I wrote this book to share the information and tips I’ve learned over the years with those who want to start or improve their smart home

  1. How do you balance working with writing?

It’s not easy! I have to carve out time, mostly Saturday and Sunday mornings, to focus on writing. I also have to carve out time for the business of writing – promotion, social media posts, maintaining my website, etc. It’s hard, but the most important things are to be consistent, persevere, and have goals.

  1. What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always been interested in the written word. As a child, I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction books, and I wrote a lot of short stories and poetry. Over the years I’ve contributed to a lot of non-fiction manuals, white papers, and how-to guides, and I enjoy organizing information into words to help others. Mostly, I just like to help others and writing is a way I can do that. 

  1. Why did you self-publish your book, The Smart Home Manual?

I just wanted control over my creation. My blog is basically self-publishing, so self-publishing a book was just a natural course for me. 

  1. Where do you get your ideas for books?

My ideas come from suggestions from readers of my blog and from my own experiences. If I feel like I have some expertise that can help someone, especially in technology, then it will become a blog article or a book eventually.

  1. When did you start considering yourself as a writer?

I’ve considered myself a writer my entire adult life. From manuals, to design documents, to co-authoring guides to help foster care youth, to my blog — I’ve always been writing.

  1. When will you publish your next book and what will it be about?

I plan to write and publish another book by the end of 2021. It will be another book to help people with home technology issues, like home networks and cord-cutting.

  1. What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I’m a big sports nut. I love to watch and play basketball. I follow a lot of other sports too. I also enjoy running, lifting weights, and cycling. I have two boys that keep me busy. And, of course, I love to play around with home automation and other home technology projects.


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