The Tech to Look for on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday will be here before you know it. Are you ready? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to pick up tech for someone else or yourself. Places like Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, and eBay are already having tech deals. If you can wait until Black Friday, there are bound to be great deals on the items below.

Black Friday

Smart Speakers

echo dot and google home

There have never been more choices for smart speakers. Samsung has entered the fray with Amazon, Googe, and Apple already competing. Amazon announced a slew of new smart speakers in September and some of them or their older, but very capable counterparts are bound to be on sale. If you are new to smart speakers here is some advice on choosing between Alexa and Google Assistant.


Roku, Amazon, and Google know these little guys pack a lot of power in relatively small forms and prices. You can regularly find a FireTV Stick, the Roku Express, and the Google Chromecast for less than $40. They might be close to giving them away on Black Friday weekend. This is also a good time to upgrade to a 4K capable streamer if you’ve upgraded your TV.


There are always deals on laptops on Black Friday. I think every laptop I’ve ever owned but my Chromebook was purchased on a Black Friday. Whether you are looking for a Windows laptop or convertible, a MacBook, or a Chromebook this the time to find great deals. If you’ve been following HomeTechHacker, you know I’m a big fan of Chromebooks.

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Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi 3 b+

Raspberry Pis make great presents for the DIY tinkerer in your life (or yourself). There are so many cool things you can make. Mine is currently a retro gaming console. It’s also a great platform for getting into automation software like Home Assistant. Raspberry Pis are already extremely affordable, but you are likely to find deals on Raspberry Pi bundles. If you already have one, this is also a good time to upgrade.

4K Smart TVs


4K TV’s are very popular despite the limited content available. One great thing about 4K TVs is that they often come with smart features (like streaming service apps). If you are looking to upgrade from HDTV to 4K, this is the time. There will be great deals.


Universal Remotes

Harmony Hub and Smart Control Remote

Your new 4K TV also has a new remote, and now you have a slew of remotes just to watch TV. These days universal remotes aren’t just a way to replace a few remotes. They can also help to automate your home by controlling smart lights, smart plugs, smart speakers and more. The Logitech Harmony remotes lead the pack. Check out my review of their Harmony Hub and Smart Control remote and be on the lookout for sales.

Game Consoles

Nintendo Switch

Current game consoles are rarely deeply discounted, and I wouldn’t expect them to be this year, However, there usually great bundles of games, controllers, and special edition consoles that can be found.



Apple Watch

Fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearables are always popular around the holidays as people start to feel like they need to exercise more. Manufacturers will be fighting for the market with sales and new features.

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Phone and Phone Plan Deals


There are bound to be a few phones on sale, but this is typically the time when cellular service providers offer deals on contracts and discounted payment plans. Phone accessories like wireless chargers, Bluetooth headphones, and cases are likely to be on sale.


Routers, Access Points, and other Home Networking Equipment


Routers are a critical part of the security of your home network, and, along with access points and switches, are the backbone of all the phoning, streaming, and gaming you do in your home. Really good routers can cost a few hundred dollars and this is a good time to look for a deal. Here is my advice on how to choose a router.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking to pick up one of these items now, take a look at my buyer’s guide to help you with your decision. If you can, it is probably a good idea to wait until Black Friday. But you don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday. If it is a good deal on Black Friday, go ahead and buy it. If it ends up being a better deal on Cyber Monday, just buy it at the lower price and return the one you bought on Black Friday. You may even be able to simply cancel your order.

What will you buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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The Tech to Look for on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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