Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers for 2022

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Wi-Fi 6 is here and more and more devices are starting to support it. Maybe you are in the market for a new Wi-Fi router. Or, maybe you just want to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. Here are the best Wi-Fi 6 routers to get you the blazing speeds and rock-solid performance you are looking for.

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What’s Wi-Fi 6 and why would you want it?

Wi-Fi 6 Router

If you came to this article just out of curiosity for what Wi-Fi 6 is you’re in luck. Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, became the latest Wi-Fi standard in 2019. The 6 stands for it being the sixth major generational update for Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 is backward compatible with previous Wi-Fi standards.

Wi-Fi 6 is nearly three times faster than the previous fastest Wi-Fi standard. However, it isn’t all about speed. It also is better able to handle multiple devices simultaneously than previous Wi-Fi standards. Some people have slow Wi-Fi because they have too many Wi-Fi devices, not because their Wi-Fi isn’t fast enough.

Wi-Fi 6 certification also requires the latest security standard, WPA3. So, any router you buy with Wi-Fi 6 will be as secure as current Wi-Fi standards allow.

Most new phones and computers support this standard. The latest iPad Pro, Amazon Fire TV 4K Max, and PlayStation 5 console all support it.

The bottom line is that Wi-Fi 6 is a great way to improve your home network.

Note: There is also a Wi-Fi 6E standard, which extends Wi-Fi 6 to work at the 6 GHz spectrum (regular Wi-Fi 6 works at 2.4 and 5 GHz), which essentially enables faster speeds, lower latencies, and less Wi-Fi congestion. Wi-Fi 6E devices are just starting to appear. This article will focus on Wi-Fi 6 routers, but it will note which ones also support Wi-Fi 6E.

Best Wi-Fi 6 router

ASUS RT-AX86U (AX5700) Dual Band WiFi 6 Extendable Gaming Router, 2.5G Port, Gaming Port, Mobile Game Mode, Port Forwarding, Subscription-free Network Security, Instant Guard, VPN, AiMesh Compatible
  • New-generation WiFi 6 - Enjoy ultrafast speeds up to 5700 Mbps with the latest WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and 160MHz channels
  • Mobile Game Mode - Minimize lag and latency for mobile gaming with just a tap on the ASUS Router app
  • True 2 Gbps wired and wireless speeds - Aggregated 2 Gbps WAN connections, wired 2.5 Gbps port and WiFi 6
  • Commercial-grade Security Anywhere – Protect your home network with AiProtection Pro, powered by Trend Micro. And when away from home, ASUS Instant Guard gives you a one-click sharable secure VPN.
  • Easy Extendable Network – Enjoy seamless roaming with rich, advanced features by adding any AiMesh-compatible router.

The Asus RT-AX86U offers fast and consistent speeds and is rated highly by both consumers and professional reviewers. It has very low latency connections and a ton of tools for optimizing your connections which makes it great for gamers.

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With 4×4 MU-MIMO it can handle a lot of devices at once. Also, it comes with an additional 2.5 Gbps WAN port for future-proofing and multi-WAN (failover and load balancing).

Hear are some other options you should consider, including the Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 which is Wi-Fi 6E capable, but you pay for it.

Best value

TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21) – Dual Band Wireless Internet Router, Gigabit Router, USB port, Works with Alexa - A Certified for Humans Device
  • VPN Server and Client: Archer AX21 Supports both VPN Server and VPN Client (Open/PPTP/L2TP over Ipsec)
  • Certified for Humans: Smart home made easy for non-experts. Setup with Alexa is simple
  • Dual-Band WiFi 6 Internet Router: Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax) technology achieves faster speeds, greater capacity and reduced network congestion compared to the previous generation
  • Next-Gen 1.8 Gbps Speeds: Enjoy smoother and more stable streaming, gaming, downloading and more with WiFi speeds up to 1.8 Gbps (1200 Mbps on 5 GHz band and 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band)
  • Connect more devices: Wi-Fi 6 technology communicates more data to more devices simultaneously using revolutionary OFDMA technology

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good performing Wi-Fi 6 router. The TP-Link Archer AX21 will work perfectly well for most people and is a great value. In independent tests, it has outperformed many more expensive routers. TP-Link’s Tether app for Android and iOS make setting up and managing router settings quick and painless.

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Here are a few additional routers to consider if you’re looking for good Wi-Fi performance at a reasonable price. The Linksys router utilizes Linksys’ Intelligent Mesh technology, which allows it to pair with other compatible Linksys mesh systems to easily extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi.

Linksys Mesh Wifi 6 Router, Dual-Band, 1,700 Sq. ft Coverage, 25+ Devices, Speeds up to (AX1800) 1.8Gbps - MR7350
Linksys Mesh Wifi 6 Router, Dual-Band, 1,700 Sq. ft Coverage, 25+ Devices, Speeds up to (AX1800) 1.8Gbps - MR7350
Powered by intelligent mesh technology; Coverage up to 1500 square feet and supports 20plus devices
$149.00 Amazon Prime
NETGEAR 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router (R6700AX) – AX1800 Wireless Speed (Up to 1.8 Gbps) | Coverage up to 1,500 sq. ft., 20 devices
NETGEAR 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router (R6700AX) – AX1800 Wireless Speed (Up to 1.8 Gbps) | Coverage up to 1,500 sq. ft., 20 devices
Coverage up to 1,500 sq. ft. for 20 devices; Plug in computers, game consoles, streaming players, and more with 4 x 1G Ethernet ports
$119.99 $89.99 Amazon Prime
TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX73)- Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, High-Speed ax Router for Streaming, Long Range Coverage
TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX73)- Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, High-Speed ax Router for Streaming, Long Range Coverage
More Vents, Less Heat – Improved vented areas help unleash the full power of the router; USB Sharing – 1× USB 3.0 port enables easy media sharing and private cloud storage
$199.99 $159.99 Amazon Prime

Best Wi-Fi 6 mesh router

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK852) – Router with 1 Satellite Extender | Coverage up to 5,000 sq. ft., 100 Devices | AX6000 (Up to 6Gbps) , White
  • Coverage up to 5,000 sq. ft. and for up to 100 devices. Extend coverage up to 2,500 sq. ft. with each additional satellite (sold separately). Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Ultrafast AX6000 gigabit speed with WiFi 6 technology for uninterrupted streaming, HD video gaming, and web conferencing
  • Compatible with any internet service provider up to 2.5Gbps including cable, satellite, fiber and DSL
  • Connects to your existing cable modem, and replaces your WiFi router
  • Sets up in minutes with the Orbi App; easily manage WiFi settings, test internet speed, and monitor data usage

The Netgear Orbi AX6000 may be pricey, but it is a top-notch performer. It has incredible signal strength which will eliminate dead Wi-Fi zones in your house. It also has impressive speeds and can easily keep up a gigabit Internet connection. It is also a multi-WAN router, with the ability to combine multiple Internet connections for increased speeds, failover, and load balancing.

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If you are looking for alternatives consider some of these. The ASUS ZenWifi and Netgear Orbi Wifi-6E mesh systems will put you into the Wi-Fi 6E world. The Eero Pro is a good combination of features and price.

Best mesh value

TP-Link Deco WiFi 6 Mesh WiFi System(Deco X20) - Covers up to 4000 Sq.Ft. , Replaces Wireless Internet Routers and Extenders, 2-Pack
  • Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Wi-Fi - Next-gen Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 whole home mesh system to eliminate weak Wi-Fi for good
  • Whole Home Wi-Fi Coverage - Cover up to 4000 square feet with seamless high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and eliminate dead zones and buffering, better than traditional wifi booster, add more Deco X20 for more coverage
  • Connect More Devices - OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology quadruple capacity to enable simultaneous transmission to more devices
  • Peace of Mind with Parental Controls - Manage limit and monitor internet use with profiles that let you customize Wi-Fi access for every person and device in your home
  • Universally Compatible - Backward compatible with all Wi-Fi generations ideal for any internet plan up to 1 Gbps and works with any internet service provider (ISP) modem and all Deco Mesh Wi-Fi

The TP-Link Deco x20 is an easy to set-up, inexpensive, and solid performing Wi-Fi 6 mesh routing system that comes in a small package. If you are looking to cover a large home this is your best combination of price and performance. This is the best budget Wi-Fi 6 capable mesh system out there.

But it isn’t the only one. If you are looking for some other strong performing budget Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers, be sure to consider these:

Final thoughts

So there you have it. Great options for various situations and budgets for those wanting to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6. Another option is to add a Wi-Fi 6 access point. I upgraded to Wi-Fi 6 using the TP-Link EAP 610 (my full review here) and added a TP-Link EAP 620 (my review here). A Wi-Fi access point is also a good way to go if you’re like me and you don’t want to replace your router (I love my pfSense router). Also, after getting a new Wi-Fi router, be sure to configure these settings.

Are you ready for Wi-Fi 6? What Wi-Fi 6 router or access point do you use? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments.

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Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers for 2022

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