Christmas Wishlist For The Techie Who Has It All

What’s on the wishlist for the techie who has it all? My smarthome is filled with a lot of automation, cordcutting, and home networking gear. I have plenty to automate and play with, and I can’t complain. However, I can think of tons of things I’d like to get.

Many of these things I haven’t purchased for various reasons such as:

  • They’re too expensive
  • I don’t really need it
  • Haven’t had time to do my OCD research into the best one

So this is my wishlist of things that I don’t need to have, but I wouldn’t be mad if they showed up under my Christmas tree. Maybe this list will give you inspiration for the well-equipped techie in your life.

TCL 65″ Class 6-Series 4K Roku TV

TCL 6 Series 4K TV

In our family room, we have a 7-year-old HD Panasonic (plasma!) TV that still outputs a good image. But it isn’t 4K, and actually uses a lot more watts than the TVs of today. I would love to replace it with this TCL Roku TV. The 65″ is a little bigger than what we have, but I’m sure I could make it work.

Oculus Quest VR Gaming headset

Oculus Quest

This is VR done close to the way I’d want it. The Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset isn’t tethered to a computer or smartphone to work. It processes everything on its own and gets rid of the wires. It also has a boxing game (Creed: Rise To Glory) that has the interactivity that I’ve been hoping for in a Nintendo Switch game, but haven’t found. Plus, you can watch movies on it!

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Monoprice Voxel 3D printer

Monoprice Voxel 3D printer

I’ve always wanted to get into 3D printing, but haven’t had the time to justify the investments. For a 3D printer, the Monoprice Voxel is relatively inexpensive, compact, and highly recommended for beginners.

DJI Spark drone

DJI Spark drone

I’ve had a few inexpensive drones over the years, but I’d love to get a good drone and learn how to fly it well and take great videos. The DJI Spark is a very approachable and functional drone for beginners.

Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip

Yeah, I already have a Chromebook, and I’m mostly happy with it. My primary issue is that it is underpowered for how I use it. A Core M5 Asus Chromebook Flip would fix all of that. So would the M3 version. The Samsung Chromebook Pro would get the job done too.

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T

Okay, I know I have the OnePlus 6T. So why is the OnePlus 7T on my wishlist? It has an incredible display, a bit more power, and Android 10 right out of the box. There’s definitely no need here. Just desire. I’d be happy with the OnePlus 7 Pro too :).

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950 2-in-1 Vacuuming and Mopping Robot

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950

I already have an Ecovacs N79s which I’m pretty happy with. But I also have a second floor in my home that could use the touch of a robot vacuum. The Ozmo 950 has intelligent floor mapping and can both mop my hardwood and vacuum my carpet. Count me in. You could save a little with the Ozmo 920 as well.

Denon AVR-750H 7.2 Receiver

Denon AVR-750H 7.2 Receiver

Our primary receiver is as old as our primary TV – 7 years. It’s a Denon, and I’ve been happy with Denon receivers for 20 years. The Denon AVR-750H would modernize our experience, supporting 4K, Atmos, Airplay, Bluetooth, Alexa, and all the latest receiver technologies. Our current receiver won’t cut it if I get that 4K TV at the top of this list :).

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Sony Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Airpods and Echobuds are all the rage, but I’m a Google guy myself, and I do like to workout. The Sony WF-SP700N earbuds have Google Assistant integration, noise-canceling, and are splashproof. I’ll take them. That said, I’d be fine with Echo Buds too :).

If all else fails…

It may seem like a cop-out, but there is always a gift card. An electronic gift card to Amazon or Best Buy will get the job done. Just make it big enough for something special :).

Final Thoughts

Well, here’s my shameless wishlist of tech I’d be into, but don’t necessarily need and/or want to pay for. I’m guessing I’m not the only techie who is interested in these items. Hopefully, if you are a big spender, they give you inspiration for the techie in your life.

If you are looking for less expensive tech gifts, check out my list of top tech gifts under $50 or my Black Friday tech recommendations.

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Christmas Wishlist For The Techie Who Has It All

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