17 Smarthome Blogs I Love

I try to provide relevant, up to date, and useful information to all of my readers. However, I know I am not a one-stop-shop for smarthome information. I provide mostly smarthome, Home Assistant, and how-to articles. Being what all the other smarthome blogs are isn’t my goal.

There are tons of other sites to visit. I’m not focusing on the mega players like The Ambient, CNET, and TechRadar. I’m going to talk about blogs you may not have heard of that offer great content. Here are 17 smarthome blogs you should check out that I regularly read (in no particular order).

1. The Hook Up

The Hook Up is a great site for DIY smarthome builders who want to get their hands dirty into projects. It is a companion site to its YouTube channel that offers step by step instructions for great projects and reviews for great products. Interesting topics covered on this site include:

  • Ubiquiti Unifi Setup
  • Motorized blinds
  • MQTT
  • Home Assistant

I’m currently inspired by the following video:

Looks like a fair amount of work to do my house, but I might give it a try!

2. TheSmartCave.com

thesmartcave smarthome blog

TheSmartCave.com has a clean and intuitive layout. You can find articles on smart home basics, reviews of smarthome products, and ideas for integrating smart home products into your home.

3. HighTechDad

HighTechDad Web Site

HighTechDad has a lot of well-written content. It has a mixture of reviews, and how-tos on everything from smart speakers, to car tech, to smart cases for EpiPens.

4. Self Hosted Home

selfhostedhome smarthome blog

This site excites me because it gives you the information you need to take DIY smart home projects to the next level. While this site has basic product reviews, it also gives information on more advanced topics like microcontrollers, Docker, and Home Assistant.

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5. DIY Futurism

DIY Fururism Smarthome blog

DIY Futurism delves into advanced topics like Node-Red, flashing Sonoff devices, and Proxmox with an emphasis on open source smarthome projects.

6. JuanMTech

Juan M Tech web site

When I was first starting out in Home Assistant and googling for information, this site came up constantly. There are tons of video tutorials. If you are into Home Assistant, you should be visiting this site.

7. vCloudInfo

vcloudinfo smarthome blog

This is primarily a companion site to the YouTube channel. This site covers a broad range of topics beyond smarthomes like smartphones, NAS, and home lab products. This site has a lot of great tutorials and information.

8. digiblurDIY

digiblurDIY web site

DigiblurDIY is another site that is primarily a companion site to its YouTube Channel. If you want in-depth walkthroughs of home automation and smarthome projects, or you are big into open-source firmware, this is the site for you.

9. Tech’dhome

Tech'dHome Smarthome blog

This is a site I’ve been following lately. It has good reviews and how-tos on popular and useful smarthome devices. It focuses on smart home and devices that make life easier.

10. OneHourSmartHome

OneHourSmarthome Web site

Lots of reviews of popular smarthome products like smart speakers, smart doorbells, smart switches, etc. Additionally, they have guides for smart devices as well as a podcast.

11. Smarthomeblog.net

This site has a lot of information on DIY home automation topics like Arduino, OpenHab, and various smart devices. A good variety of posts to check out!

12. Power Moves

power moves smarthome blog

This site has in-depth reviews on the smarthome products you are interested in. It does a great job of comparing similar devices so you can make a smart decision.

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13. BuildYourSmarthome.co


This site has a wealth of tutorials and reviews for smart homes and home automation products. You can learn about smarthome hubs, hardware, and software.

14. Home Assistant Blog


If you love Home Assistant as I do, then you really should be keeping up with their blog. They give you previews of features to come as well as detailed release notes. A must-read for Home Assistant users!

15. Smart Home Geeks


News, reviews, and guides for the DIY smart home builder. I especially appreciate that their review articles offer a rating to help you to quickly assess a product.

16. Intelligent Home Blog


Reviews, insights, and guides like other sites on this list. Unlike most of the other sites on this list, this one has a lot of good information about Xiaomi smart home products, which is worth looking into.

17. Smart Home Solver

Smart Home Solver smarthome blog

In addition to really great all-around smart home content, this site has an interactive tool for building a smart home!

Bonus: HomeTechHacker 🙂

Have I earned a spot on this list? I hope so. If not, I’ll keep working hard at it! Let me know what you’d like to see on my site to be one of your favorite smarthome blogs!

Also, what blogs have missed? Let me know in the comments or via the contact page.

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17 Smarthome Blogs I Love

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