Fortnite Season 6: The Best Season Yet?

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Fortnite season 6 has a lot of hype but that leaves more room for error. In this article, I will review season six.

fortnite season six

Map Changes

First, I will talk about the map changes. The Cube was underneath a floating island that used to be in the middle of Loot Lake (Leaky Lake). It went to each of the runes that the Cube left behind in Season 5 and it went back to the middle of Leaky Lake. The island was overtaken by the Cube and broke apart. Also, there was a big event where the Cube started spinning fast and glowing and then it took the players to some other dimension. When they came back, the floating island was gone, but there was a new area in the middle of Leaky Lake with pillars of Cube, grass, and a rainbow over it!  There is now a giant castle in Haunted Hills. I go here quite a bit because there are a lot of ammo boxes.

Here is a video of the Cube event.

Battle pass


The first locker items from the battle pass are the skins. The four main skins are Calamity, DJ Yonder, Giddy Up, and Dire. My favorite is DJ yonder because he has a robot llama head and some cool rainbow clothes.

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Two pickaxes are the Guided glow and one that looks like a DJ setup. My favorite pickaxe is the DJ setup.

Back Blings

Three back blings are the Fabled Cape, the Waveform, and the Night Cloak. This season there are pet back blings like Bonesy, the lizard, and the dragon. My favorite is the Waveform because it looks like a mirror ball on a cape.

Contrails and Gliders

There are contrails like Exhaust, bats flying behind you, and Fireflies. Now we have new gliders. They are the Crossfire, the Covered Crusader, and the picnic glider.


Finally, there are new dances like Regal Wave, Running Man (not the older version), and Slitheryn.

There are a few things about the Battle Pass I didn’t mention. Click this link to see the full Battle Pass and some things in the Free Pass. By the way, to get through all one hundred tiers you’ll probably need to play 75-150 hours.

Weapon Additions

Next, we have the weapon additions. The quad launcher is much better than the regular RPG because it shoots faster and only has to reload every four shots. It does 110 to 120 damage if you hit someone. The shots don’t go straight. They go in an arch. If you’re trying to hit something far away you should aim up. Also, the pumpkin launcher is back!!!!


After that, the story. The story has mainly been Halloween themed. There are monster spawners appearing on the map and you fight them. There hasn’t been much of a structure to the story.

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Limited Time Game Modes

Next, the Fortnitemares game mode. In the Fortnitemares game mode, you have to fight Cube creatures that come from pieces of Cube across the map. There are normal Cube creatures, glowing small Cube creatures, big Cube creatures, glowing big ones, and gold big Cube creatures. You get a little bit of shield for killing them. They also drop ammo and weapons also you can destroy the Cube generators for good weapons. I think this game mode was made to show how good Fortnite Save the World is. This game mode ended on November 4th.


Now the removals ☹️. There is only one removal but it is a big one: bounce pads. The bounce pads were really useful. They were a trampoline that shoots you up in zero gravity. It helped me aim better in the air and you could get a fast getaway using it. Another good thing about it was that if you jump off of it you wouldn’t take fall damage. You can still get it on a port-a-fortress. Here is a link to all the items (some of the ones in limited time aren’t in the game anymore)

Fortnite Bouncer Trap


Finally, the vehicles. The newest vehicle is the Quad Crasher. It is very overpowered. It can run through any material, it can boost itself far into the air, and it can run people over. I used it to run over someone and they went flying up in the air.

Final Thoughts

Overall my favorite addition to the game is the Quad Crasher because it is so fun and so powerful. I think Fortnite season six is off to a great start and may end up being the best season of all time.

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Note: Remember the battle pass is ten dollars. But you automatically have the free pass.

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Fortnite Season 6: The Best Season Yet?

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