Top Home Automation Trends for 2024

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In today’s world, where everything is digital, having a smart home is essential for people who own houses. A wide range of people like the idea of a “smart home” these days as technology gets better.

Usually, smart homes use advanced technology and artificial intelligence to make things easier for you at home. It’s not just a fancy thing anymore; now, it’s something people find really useful.

This technology helps you to make things super convenient, keeps the home safe, and saves energy. It can combine several tools and systems to control and simplify work.

Accepting home automation means accepting a more comfortable lifestyle as well as the future with just a voice command.

These systems enable users to control anything from music and security to lighting and temperature. Here is a list of some of the best home automation trends. Let’s explore it together!

Editor’s Note: Here are the top reasons HomeTechHacker has a smart home, along the some reasons you might want one, especially if you are an older adult.

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Energy-Saving Smart Home Technology

ecobee smart thermostat

Energy-saving gadget integration has gained importance as we work to create a sustainable future. Unique characteristics included in energy-efficient smart home appliances make energy-saving simpler than before.

For example, Smart lighting systems can make lights dim or turn off by themselves when a room is empty. This helps save energy and makes light bulbs last longer. Also, setting a schedule to turn off lights and other devices at the same time every day makes sure that no energy is wasted.

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Smart thermostats like the ones from Ecobee can use your HVAC system more efficiently. This both saves you money and helps with the environment.

You can both lessen their impact on the environment and save money on electricity by adopting energy-efficient smart home appliances into your daily lives. Following this trend will result in a more profitable and sustainable future.

Enhanced Security Systems and Biometrics

person touching a fingerprint scanner

Alarms and cameras are innovative and user-friendly nowadays. Security systems employ fingerprints to verify identities and grant access to authorized users.

The security of smart homes can be improved using biometrics. And, access control systems and door locks are increasingly incorporating facial recognition and retina scanners.

With this extra protection, you can be reassured because only individuals with permission will be able to access the house.

Editor’s Note: Here is a tutorial for an inexpensive DIY fingerprint sensor that you can use to open your garage, disarm your alarm, and more.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence With Home Automation

Artificial intelligence node diagram

People’s lives are about to get even more convenient and efficient, all because of artificial intelligence (AI). Virtual assistants using AI, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, are already widely used in many households.

In addition to operating smart devices and answering questions, these intelligent friends can also give you weather information.

And what’s even more fascinating is that AI will play a more prominent role in home automation in the upcoming years. Your house can learn to produce the ideal atmosphere by learning about your behaviors. Smart thermostats already do learn your routines to regulate your home’s temperature.

AI-Powered Appliances

Regular home appliances are less popular among consumers than those with AI capabilities. Appliances such as washing machines that modify their cycles according to the kind of fabric and refrigerators will help you make shopping lists based on usage trends. And, there are cooking devices that modify how they cook based on what they are cooking. This will be the norm in the future.

Wireless Charging

From wearables and furniture to smartphones and tablets, wireless charging is now a standard function on a wide range of consumer gadgets.

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There is a noticeable trend toward a more efficient, compatible, and cable-free charging experience as this trend gains popularity day by day. And now you can buy tables and other furniture with built-in wireless charging.

Speaking of which…

Smart Furniture

As modern technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, the trend toward intelligent furniture is redefining interior design and improving the overall functioning of living spaces.

By incorporating cutting-edge features like built-in charging connections, seamless wireless networking, and dynamically responsive lighting systems, brilliant furniture goes beyond traditional features.

Health Monitoring

Apple Watch

The growing number of intelligent health monitors is drastically changing our perception of what constitutes personal wellness.

Not only this, but smart devices such as smartwatches and mattresses will allow you to monitor your vitals, including heart rate and sleep. You can also add smart toothbrushes, flossers, and other health-conscious devices to this list.

Editor’s Note: HomeTechHacker currently owns a Polar fitness sports watch. They have many models and they do an amazing job of tracking his fitness, health, and workouts, and are also pretty good smartwatches.

Cleaning Robots

iRobot i3 and SwitchBot K10+ robot vacuums

The cleaning industry is rapidly evolving due to the availability of innovative vacuums and mopping robots, which are more accessible, efficient, and require less time than before.

Along with better sensors and automation, their increased appeal has been attributed to their ability to schedule cleaning, communicate with smart homes, and enhance navigation.

But it doesn’t end here; despite several challenges, these devices have the potential to become standard equipment for maintaining clean homes.

Editor’s Note: HomeTechHacker has reviewed numerous robot vacuums that you may be interested in including the feature-packed SwitchBot K10+ and the budget-minded Airrobo P20.

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More and more smart devices that can clean your home, your car, your yard, and more are appearing on the market each year.

Smart Home Integration With Cars

The trend of smart home integration with cars gives you the ability to connect your house and cars. This innovation may allow you to control various aspects of their homes through the infotainment systems in your car.

And the best part? You can adjust the oven, turn on the lights, and set the temperature before you arrive home.

Editor’s Note: HomeTechHacker contributed to a great article about transforming your home into a smart home that you should check out if you want to do the same.

Entertainment Rooms

Our ability to relax and have fun has changed dramatically with the rising popularity of dedicated media rooms in contemporary intelligent houses.

Modern audio, video, and interactive technology are available in these specially designed rooms for residents and visitors to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience.

From virtual and augmented reality sets that take users to new worlds to high-definition home theaters with surround sound, the entertainment room craze is transforming how we consume information and engage with it.


The basic meaning of the word “home” is undeniably evolving as a result of home automation trends and the increasing dependence on technology.

Many small and large changes attest to this dynamic shift. A great example of convenience and innovation is the integration of voice-activated virtual assistants that attend to our every need and energy-efficient solutions that are in line with our daily routines.

No doubt, these advancements are a small part of a larger picture that eventually results in homes that are cozier and more productive!

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Top Home Automation Trends for 2024

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