2023 HomeTechHacker Year In Review

2023 HomeTechHacker Year In Review that shows snippets from products and articles highlighted for the year

In 2023 we increased our content, released new products, and stepped up our social media game to help you make the most of your home technology. At the same time, we improved our foundation and extended our infrastructure to make tech simple for you.

Read on to see what changes you may have missed, our most popular and favorite articles, and what’s coming in 2024!

Changes at HomeTechHacker in 2023

Since I didn’t publish any books this year I originally felt like it was a slow year. But in writing this section, I realize it definitely wasn’t. Here are some of the highlights of the changes at HomeTechHacker in 2023:

  • In 2022, we launched my author site, MarlonBuchanan.com. In 2023, we launched another site, HomeTechHacker Academy. This site offers self-paced online courses to help make technology easier. It currently has free courses to help you get started building your smart home and secure your home network. More free courses are on the way.
  • On the heels of the best-selling The Personal Cybersecurity Manual book I published at the end of 2022, we created a premium online course called Personal Cybersecurity Protection on the HomeTechHacker Academy platform. This is a comprehensive course that provides step-by-step instructions to stop cybercriminals from stealing your money, your identity, your privacy, and your peace of mind. The feedback for this and my other courses has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Speaking of feedback, we added a way for you to give us a testimonial for our books, courses, tools, and any of our other products. I would really appreciate it if you left a review!
  • We continued expanding the HomeTechHacker Technology Advisor tool. We added personalized tech advisors for surveillance cameras, networked attached storage units, and more. We also updated the recommendations and recommendation engine for all of the other technology advisors.
  • We upgraded our email service to give us the ability to send you better-formatted emails and the ability to change your email address and name. Also, you can specify if you want to receive new article notifications right after the articles are published or a weekly or monthly summary of all published articles.
  • We beefed up our Instagram presence and created a LinkedIn page. Are you following us on those platforms? If not, you should be!
  • Last, but not least we added some new authors to our site. Check out articles from Raquel Santos, Ash Brooks, and Leroy Jackson.
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My five favorite articles of 2023

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These are articles that I enjoyed writing or working on during the year for the reasons I describe below:

A bonus article that I’d like to mention is A Smart Home Powered With Shelly Products. Shelly products are my favorite smart home products, and it was a treat to see how much of my smart home I could recreate using only Shelly products.

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The five most popular articles of 2023

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Final thoughts and a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2024

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Every year I aim to make positive improvements to my sites, tools, and services to help you. I have plenty of plans for 2024. Here are some highlights:

  • I went all of 2023 without publishing a book (in fairness, I did publish one book towards the end of 2022). But, I have plans for a book that I’ve started on already for 2024, and I think you’ll want to read it. You’ll hear more about it as the year goes on.
  • I plan to publish at least one new course at HomeTechHacker Academy next year, and if I do more than one at least one of them will be free!
  • I’m thinking about getting into AI. What would that look like? Stay tuned…
  • I’ve heard from many of you that our Home Tech Advisor is useful. I’ll be sure to update it and expand it next year.
  • I also plan to make more press appearances as an expert contributor to articles and appear on podcasts. Stay tuned and follow my press page.
  • Also, to start the year off right I’ve recommended some tech resolutions for 2024.
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What would you like to see from HomeTechHacker in 2024? Let me know in the comments or contact me via email or X (Twitter).

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2023 HomeTechHacker Year In Review

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