A Smart Home Powered With Shelly Products

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I have been using Shelly products for years. In fact, the Shelly 1 Wi-Fi relay, and its successor, the Shelly Plus 1 relay, are my favorite and most versatile smart home products. I have built my smarthome over time with various products from many vendors. If I were starting now, how much of my home could I make with just Shelly products? As it turns out, a lot of it, as you’ll see if you read this article.

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Why use Shelly products?

I recommend and use Shelly products for multiple reasons:

  • They are reliable — I haven’t had any problems with Shelly products, and I’ve had them for years.
  • Local control — You don’t need a hub or any cloud service to control Shelly products. Although they do offer cloud control if you want it. However, I prefer to control things on my local network for privacy, speed, and security reasons.
  • Excellent compatibility — Shelly products support multiple protocols and ecosystems including MQTT, REST, SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat, Homey, openHAB, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Android, and iOS. Matter support is coming soon to many of their products.
  • Price — Shelly products are relatively affordable and often less than other similar products.

Now, let’s discuss how I could and do power my smart home with Shelly Products

Shelly 1 and Shelly Plus 1

The Shelly 1 was the first Shelly device I started using (you can see my original review of the Shelly 1 here). It is a smart Wi-Fi relay that has many smart home applications. The Shelly Plus 1 improves on the original Shelly 1. Of all the smart home devices I own, these are my favorites. This device alone can power most of your smart home and home automation needs, as you’ll see below.

Smart light switch

The Shelly 1 and Shelly Plus 1 both make excellent light switches. You can use them all throughout your house. The nice thing is that it allows you to use your existing light switches instead of having to replace the entire switch.

I have them in multiple places and you can read about how well they work and how to use the Shelly Wi-Fi relays at light switches here.

Additionally, if want to track the power used by your lights you can use the Shelly 1 PM and the Shelly Plus 1 PM versions of the smart Wi-Fi relay. If I had to do it over, I’d probably use the PM versions for the light because power monitoring would be nice and I don’t need the contacts to be dry like they are in the Shelly 1.

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Smart garage door opener

The Shelly 1 installed as a garage door control

Both the Shelly 1 and Shelly Plus 1 can be used to turn your garage door opener into a smart garage door opener. Here are instructions for how I used the Shelly 1 to make my garage door opener smart.

Additionally, you can use a Shelly Plus Add On with a compatible reed switch to detect if the garage door is open or closed if you use the Shelly Plus 1 version.

Security 2.0+ garage door opener

Security+ 2.0 smart garage door opener

Some garage door openers are not compatible with the above smart garage door opener solution. Instead of just using a dry contact to open and close the garage, they actually use a circuit to send signals to the garage door. But, you can still use a Shelly 1 to control your garage door opener if you are comfortable with a solder gun.

You can use this technique with anything that has a remote with buttons like this (e.g., a gate opener or a boat lift). The possibilities are endless.

Fireplace smart switch

shelly plus 1 wiring for a smart fireplace

These smart relays aren’t limited to light switches. You can also use them with a fireplace switch. I’ve had a Shelly safely controlling my fireplace for a few years now, and you can do it too. It’s nice to be able to use voice commands to turn on the fireplace and have it automatically turn off if the room gets too warm or it has been on too long.

Shelly Dimmer 2 light switch

Shelly has you covered if you have lights you want to dim, too. I installed the Shelly Dimmer 2 a few years ago and I have been very happy with it. Like the Shelly 1 relays, you can install it behind a compatible dimming switch of your choice.

The Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer installs like any other switch. As it is part of Shelly’s Plus line, it has the latest hardware and capabilities, including Bluetooth connectivity (in addition to Wi-Fi).

These allow for all kinds of automations. They can automatically dim and brighten based on the time of day or sunrise/sunset. If you use the advanced scripting capabilities of these devices or combine them with a home automation controller you can trigger light changes based on almost any event.

I have the Dimmer 2 installed in my master bathroom. I have it automatically dim the lights in the wee hours of the night and early morning to help my eyes adjust.

  • Shelly Dimmer 2: Buy from Amazon or directly from Shelly
  • Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer: Buy from Amazon or directly from Shelly
prewire shelly dimmer and dimmer switch
Shelly Dimmer 2 Prewiring

Humidity and temperature sensor

I have temperature and humidity sensors in various places in my house. They are useful for fine-tuning my HVAC system and for diagnosing problems with it. For instance, I recently discovered the heat in my basement wasn’t working based on the readings from a couple of temperature sensors I have.

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Shelly makes humidity and temperature sensors. They can be powered by batteries and placed just about anywhere.

Motion sensors

Shelly Motion 2 | Next-Generation Wi-Fi Smart Motion Sensor | Over 1 Year of Battery Life | iOS Android App | No Hub Required | Slick Design and Tamper Detection | Lux and Temperature Sensor
  • Shelly Motion 2 is a Next-Generation Wi-Fi Motion Sensor powered by Silicon Labs Wi -Fi IoT solutions and equipped with the world’s lowest power-consuming Wi-Fi modem in mass production. We enhanced its sensitivity by adding a temperature sensor to achieve the ultimate home automation experience.
  • ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE – helly Motion2 has a 6500 mAh rechargeable battery with a type- C charger. The life of the battery depends entirely on the usage. Installed in a space with regular motion activity – such as the family living room or kitchen – the battery life will be over 1 year. However, in Stand-by mode, the sensor’s battery life can go up to 3 years.
  • DETECTS MOTION IN LESS THAN 200 MILLISECONDS – Combined with Shelly Plus,Shelly Motion will trigger the automated blinds for you,will ensure that all lights switch off once the house is empty,will shut down the blinds to prevent the heat from entering to your house,will increase the lighting levels to illuminate the space around the building.
  • SHELLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Shelly is one of the fastest-growing Smart Home brands in the world with devices, providing solutions for the automation of private homes, buildings and businesses. We provide our customers with professional support and a 2 years device warranty.
  • SHELLY SMART CONTROL APP will help you control your Shelly devices remotely and will send notifications for all automated events in your home. You can easily configure devices and manage their settings individually, or you can create personalized scenes by combining Shelly devices to trigger certain actions in your home automation.

Motion sensors are key for triggering events like lights turning on and off. I use motion sensors in some places to turn lights off when there hasn’t been motion for a while for energy savings. I use it in hallways to turn the lights on when there is motion and off when there hasn’t been for a minute or two. This makes the lights fully automated.

I also use motion sensors for security. For example, if my alarm is armed away it means no one should be home. If my motion sensors detect motion when the alarm is armed away a siren is set off and I am notified.

  • Shelly Motion 2 Sensor: Buy from Amazon or directly from Shelly


Smart lighting is essential to a smart home. In fact, it is one of the first steps I recommend you take when you start a smart home. You can set the mood, lower and raise the brightness, and automatically have lights turn on when you have smart lights.

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I use color smart lights to theme my home for different events like the 4th of July, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and more.

vintage lights from Shelly
  • Shelly Vintage: Buy from Amazon or directly from Shelly
  • Shelly Duo: Buy from Amazon or directly from Shelly
  • Shelly Duo RGB: Buy directly from Shelly

As you can see above I have a few Shelly vintage lights in my home. They really add to the ambiance. Shelly also makes vintage lights in different form factors as well as Shelly Duo flood lights.

Shelly RGBW 2 LED controller

Shelly RGBW 2 Controller WiFi Smart Remote Wireless LED Light Strip Dimmer RGB Home Automation Working with Android iOS System Alexa, Google Home, Mobile Phone App Sunrise/Sunset Schedule (1)
  • WIRELESS – No HUB required – Connect Shelly RGBW2 directly to your Wi-Fi at home.
  • CONTROL REMOTELY – Control the LED lighting at home, no matter where you are. Now you won’t be leaving the lights on and your home won’t welcome you in darkness.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE – Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Shelly RGBW2 Controller with LEDs

Speaking of lights, Shelly even has an LED controller. Now, if you read my blog you know that I love LEDs. I use the Shelly RGBW 2 controller for accent lighting underneath one of my son’s beds. It’s easy to use and very reliable.

Shelly buttons

2 Shelly Button 1 Devices, one black, and one white
  • Shelly Button 1: Buy directly from Shelly

The goal for most smart homes is for most things to be automated or controlled with voice. However, sometimes it is nice to have the reliability and simplicity of just hitting a button to trigger events in your house. The Shelly Button 1 is an excellent Wi-Fi button that fits the bill.

I use them around my house to trigger panic alarms and as easy ways to trigger certain events, like turning LED lights on and nightly “turn down” activities when we go to bed (e.g., turning lights off, closing blinds, arming the alarm, etc.).

Shelly Plus Plug US

Shelly Plus Plug US | WiFi & Bluetooth Operated Smart Plug with Power Measurement | Home Automation | iOS Android App | Alexa and Google Home Compatible| Monitor Appliances| Remote Control with Timer
  • Shelly Plus Plug US is a Next-Generation Wi-Fi-operated smart Plug (ETL certified) with power monitoring and an integrated countdown timer for pre-set actions – switch on/off. Shelly Plus Plug US can automatically monitor and control lighting, heating, or any other connected electrical appliance at home with power up to 1800 watts at 15A.
  • Save Money & Energy – Shelly Plus Plug US gives you precise consumption information for each electrical appliance plugged into it. Choose the best power mode for your home and save on excess energy without sacrificing your comfort. Pay less for energy and live more comfortably with your Shelly Plus Plug US.

Every smart home can use a few smart plugs to automate lamps, conserve energy by cutting power to vampire devices, and many other uses. I use multiple Shelly Plug US smart plugs to automate LED lights, cut power to vampire devices, and to be able to easily reboot a fickle surveillance camera.

Knowing how much energy various appliances use is also useful. The Shelly Plus Plug US can do that too.

  • Shelly Plus Plug US: Buy from Amazon or directly from Shelly

Shelly EM (power monitoring)

Monitoring the energy usage of your home or part of your home can be extremely informative. It can let you know which devices are hogs and when your home is using a lot of electricity. I currently have a whole home energy monitor that I’ve used to help me identify unwanted energy usage and cut it by 20%.

While my energy monitor has worked okay, I’d probably go with the Shelly EM if I were doing it again today. It’s easier to get data out of, easy to integrate with Home Assistant, and it is less expensive.

Shelly flood sensor

Shelly Flood | Wireless Flood Sensor with Temperature Measurement | Home Automation | iOS Android App | Dripping & Leaking Alarm| Floor Heating Control | Compact Design | Easy to Use
  • Shelly Flood is a smart water leak detector connected by wifi. It can also measure the floor temperature in your home. This will help you catch any unexpected leaks at any moment. The device is wireless and has a long battery life. Shelly Flood is relatively small and can fit anywhere making it convenient for your home.
  • NO UNEXPECTED LEAKS WHILE AWAY – Thanks to its small size, Shelly Flood can fit virtually anywhere. Simply place it where leakage might occur – right under any water or heat pipes, fridges and freezers, washing machines, etc. Shelly Flood will notify you in case of the slightest leakage – letting you react before a puddle forms.

Water damage is some of the most time-consuming and expensive damage you can have in your home. It’s better to know about leaks sooner than later. I have a few flood/leak detectors around my home, including the Shelly Flood sensor. As a bonus, it also does temperature measurements.

  • Shelly Flood Sensor: Buy from Amazon or directly from Shelly

Final thoughts

Wow! Shelly products can cover almost all the smart home scenarios in my home. I guess that’s why I own so many. The only major thing missing is some kind of voice assistant, which I primarily use Google Assistant-powered hubs to do.

The only other potential downside is that all these devices are Wi-Fi. You need to have strong and stable Wi-Fi wherever you put these devices. If you have a lot, you also need to make sure your Wi-Fi network can handle it. This isn’t a problem for a good Wi-Fi router or a set of Wi-Fi access points.

Overall, if you are looking for locally controlled, multiple protocol, inexpensive, and reliable smart home devices, you should always consider Shelly products.

What Shelly products do you have? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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A Smart Home Powered With Shelly Products

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